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Ascot - Angel

Product Description
$65.99 USD

Why we love Ascot - Angel: This ascot is one of our preferred ! Trendy but not too much, classy but not too much...It fits with anything in your wardrobe. It is very easy to wear as any color match it!

Suggestion of wearing : Wear this ascot on any light color shirt. It is gorgeous with any colors of suit, that's why we really love this ascot. 
For a more casual style, this ascot is gorgeous with business casual beige pants, with or without  jacket. 
For a fashion style, try it on a red or turquoise shirt with a black denim! Add a nice pair of shoes, red or black, and you're ready to party!

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Item Type: Ties
Material: Silk
Size: One Size
Ties Type: Neck Tie

Before ordering Shoes, please refer to the corresponding size charts below, as the sizes offered my vary according to the design.

To avoid disappointment and return, please provide the measure of your feet in the comment section when ordering.

Shoes Size chart

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Thank you

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