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April 24, 2017

Products of the picture: Shoes - Eddy, Necktie - Colin


What about bi-colored shoes?

Personally, I like bi-colored shoes! They are trendy and change a little bit all these black and brown shoes we see on men every day!

Bi-Colored shoes are not necessarily flashy, some are wise enough to be wore with any kind of outfits. Whatever colors they may have, they add a touch of youthfulness to your clothes.

Today, we will focus on business casual outfits. Let us introduce Shoes - Eddy. They get 2 shades of brown, light and dark, which provide a wise, classy but trendy style. They enhance any beige or brown outfits.

We suggest to wear them with a yellow cardigan and brown pants. Add Necktie - Colin, reminding the light brown of the shoes, and you are ready for your workday! For those who wants to well finish their outfit, add Belt - Horace.

Runit365 - Shoes EddyRunit365 - Necktie ColinRunit365 - Belt Horace


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